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Cloud VPS


Flexible cloud server with specifications that you can set them yourself

We provide this service for those of you who have VPS server needs with very specific specifications and cannot be met by our other VPS services. With this service you can freely set the VPS specifications you need yourself. Click here to start your service immediately or check frequently asked questions to find out more about this service.


Frequently Asked Questions

Followings are some questions which frequently asked by our customers and prospective customers about our Cloud VPS Flexible service. One of them might answer your question.

  • vCPU is a term in virtualization that refers to the allocation of processor (CPU) resources for virtual servers. 1 vCPU means the allocation of resources equivalent to 1 physical CPU power, even though the virtual server in question is not given access exclusively to one particular physical core. For example, if a VPS is receiving 40% of the resources from one core on a physical server to do a certain task, then the VPS will still be allowed to take resources from other cores to do other tasks. For example 60% of the second core, or 35% of the second core and 25% of the third core up to 100% allocation for one CPU core resource.

  • HostBadak does not implement VPS server backups in the Cloud VPS SSD product line. However, for this product, HostBadak uses a RAID-50 storage system that has fault tolerance for up to two fail drives. HostBadak also performs periodic and scheduled disk replacements to ensure that the disks and storage volumes used are healthy and functioning as they should.

  • Currently the main location of our servers is the data center in Jakarta and Bogor, Indonesia. We also operate several servers abroad for DNS clustering purposes to speed up the process of propagation and discoverability of our customer's domains.

  • Of course! We offer managed services services that can help those of you who need server maintenance services. Contact us via Whatsapp/Telegram or ticket support for more info.

  • There are two types of control panels that are commonly used on VPS service:

    1. Control panel to manage VPS resources such as creating/deleting VPS, reinstalling the operating system, allocating additional resources such as storage, memory or CPU, shutdown, reboot and others.
    2. Control panel to do administrative tasks on VPS such as setting up domains, setting up email accounts, setting up database accounts, setting up FTP accounts, and more

    The HostBadak VPS service is equipped with the first type of control panel. You can install it yourself or change the operating system on the VPS that you receive from HostBadak whenever you need. You don't need our help to do such things. The control panel that we use is Virtualizor.

    However, the HostBadak VPS service does not include the second type of control panel. You can install this second type of control panel on your VPS yourself after you have successfully logged in. You have to pay an additional fee for this control panel license if the control panel you choose is a paid product. Popular examples of paid control panels of this type are DirectAdmin, cPanel and Plesk. Meanwhile, for control panels that are available for free, you can try Cloudmin, CentOS Web Panel (CWP), or VestaCP.

  • Currently HostBadak does not provide VPS servers that use the Windows operating system. Available operating system options are Linux and FreeBSD.