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Remote FTP/SCP/Rsync Backup

Remote backup solution for your data

We offer this Remote FTP/SCP/Rsync Backup service with a simple service price calculation. We offer this service at a price of Rp150,000 IDR per month for every 1TB of storage. Available up to 16TB to backup your data. Click here to start your service or check frequently asked questions below to find out more information about this service.


Frequently Asked Questions

Followings are some questions which frequently asked by our customers and prospective customers about our Remote FTP/SCP/Rsync Backup service. One of them might answer your question.

  • Remote FTP/SCP/Rsync Backup is a HostBadak service that provides server storage for offsite data backup needs. This service provides access via standard protocols FTP, SCP and Rsync which makes it easy for the backup process from the customer's server to our remote backup service.

  • We do not limit data transfers for each month, both for incoming and outgoing traffic. The limitation that we apply is only on storage space capacity.

  • Sure! Please contact our sales staff to discuss your backup needs.

  • You can use the HostBadak Cloud VPS Backup service where you will get the same storage capacity offered by this Remote FTP/SCP/Rsync Backup service, but with the flexibility to install additional softwares that you might need for your server backup needs.

  • Currently the main location of our servers is the data center in Jakarta, Indonesia. We also operate several servers abroad for DNS clustering purposes to speed up the process of propagation and discoverability of our customer's domains.

  • As for now visit requests are only available for Dedicated Server, Colocation and Rack Services customers. As for customers of other services, we have not yet provided the opportunity to visit the data center.