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Managed Service

A reliable and convenient solution for your infrastructure operations

The Managed Service offered by HostBadak is our solution for our customers, small and medium enterprises, who do not have technical personnel to manage their devices or systems so that they can concentrate more on their main business. Our well-trained technical personnel who will run and ensure the customer's devices and systems work smoothly every time.

This service is not limited to the operation of devices or systems placed (Colocation or Rack Services) in the HostBadak data center but can also be in the form of devices or systems located at the customer premises. We have helped manage many email servers or application servers in our customer's data center. The tasks that we can do in this service don't have to be a complicated task, even small jobs like updating SSL certificates on the customer's web server are tasks that we can offer in our managed service.


Frequently Asked Questions

Followings are some questions which frequently asked by our customers and prospective customers about our Managed Service. One of them might answer your question.

  • Our managed services are divided into two categories:
    ‐ Managed Service for hardware management
    ‐ Managed Service for logical system management

    Specifically for hardware management, at this time we can only provide hardware management assistance that is placed in our data center. However, for the management of logical systems that we can work on on a remote basis, we can deliver this service more broadly for our customers. Examples of tasks we have completed so far are:
    ‐ Installing the operating system on the customer's server located in the remote data center through remote management access (eg IPMI)
    ‐ Installation and configuration of control panels on customer servers
    ‐ Installation and configuration of e-mail systems (smtp, web mail, anti-irus, anti-spam, etc.)
    ‐ Application server installation and configuration

  • The limit on the number of task requests per day or per month is adjusted to the service package or agreement chosen by the customer. Please contact our sales staff for a more detailed explanation regarding these limitations.